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Solutions developed

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  • Sew equipment
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  • Medical devices
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AC1000 BR - French seam machine

AC3000 BR - Fully automatic machine for pin tuck

AC10 - Seam sealing machine

AC210 BR - Automatic label machine

AC SH-400 - Interlining machine

AC 4000 BR - Electronic Pattern Sewer

AC1400 BR - Runstitching flaps and waistband extensions

AC6000 - Sheet cutting machine

AC6100 - Pillow Press

AC6200 - Pillow cutting machine

AC30 MX - Semi-automatic linear sewing machine with static sewing head

AC2500 - Machine to inspect and measure fabric/mesh

AC100 - Ultrasonic cutting and welding machine

AC150 - Semiautomatic tubesewing ultrasonic machine

AC500 - Ultrasonic Non-Woven Fabric Sealing System

AC505 - Ultrasonic Welding of Special Reinforced Gowns

AC550 - Ultrasonic Welding of Special Reinforced Gowns

AC560 - Large Width Ultrasonic Welding

AC570 - Ultrasonic Welding of Special Reinforced Gowns

AC800 - Mayo Table Cover Production Equipment

AC900 - Hot-Melt Application Equipment

AC400 - Automatic Cutter and Pile up of Adhesive Tape

AC5040 - Automatic Press