19 June 2019
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AC 2500 - Machine to inspect and measure fabric/mesh

Useful width: 2500mm.
Inspection course: Acrylic panel width x 700mm. With two light intensities and projector lamp.
Transportation mesh: Never-ending mat in with 2 profile guides of internal mats.
Selvedges alignment: Electro-pneumatic self centered system with optical sensors.

Engine: Moto reducers (6) with synchronized speeds.
Inspection speed: Variable 1.5 to 20m / min.
Speed ??variation: Centralized with variable frequency alternating current.
Openers: 4 - Stainless tube, with independent motors and variable speed.
Winding tension: Auto regulated - sensors in the feeding; pad and coil inputs.
Metreage: Digital Tachometer with pre-selection as the totalizer.
Curl: Peripheral.
End of tissue: Machine stop (sensor lack of tissue).
Command and parameterization: Central in automaton with console 6'' with Ethernet (internal linking system).
Rolls: (5) Supported in bearings and coated tape "CHIORINO" 70 latex.
Support rolls: polished stainless steel tube.
Transmissions: Rolls per current ''; openers by belt synchronizer (gear).
Installed power: 4,5Kw.
Power voltage: 220 / 380V.
Control voltage: 24V.DC.
Overall dimensions: Width 3500mm - Depth 2030mm Height 1860mm Alt..
Painting: Electrostatic gray beige or another.
Security: According to the regulations in force Machinery Directive.